“The sheep are in the house!”

Meet Barnaby and Snowy!


something i  never imagined i would hear being called out.  the sheep are getting quite comfortable with there new home.  the first night here i thought we made a huge mistake.  the whole night all we heard was “baaing” and since we put them in with the chickens. the chickens were freaking out so it was an all night long symphany of “baaing” and “clucking”.  but by the next day everyone had figured out they were okay.

we introduced sonoma to the sheep after about a week of being around each other through the fence.  the sheep were not scared at all by sonoma and instantly walked up to her and smelled her.  sonoma did a smelling inspection and then went on to clean there ears.  very cute.

all is well on the chowanec funny farm =)



poor sonomapoor sonoma poor sonoma

The boys got screen time (video games and tv) taken away for a week for bad behavior.  Unfortunately I think I may have punished Sonoma as well.  Poor Sonoma

skipping ahead to… Mammoth!


future olympians!

sorry folks i just can’t get caught up so i’m skipping ahead to our most recent trip to Mammoth!

the kids had mid-winterbreak or ski-week, so we packed up and went to Mammoth with the Carsetti family!  the trip was great.  all the necessary snow filled activities were achieved and happily done so.

build a snowman:

snowman building!

snowman building! snowman building! snowman building! snowman building! snowman building! snowman building!

snow sledding and snowball fight (no pictures of the fight, i was too busy hurling snow balls!)

snowplay! snowplay!

snowboarding lessons for owen, luca and marco


owen and marco getting readysnowboarding!

snowboarder owen!
(click above to play video)

skiing lessons for dylan and mia

slow down dylan!
(click above to play video)

and snow tubing!

tubing time!
(click above to play video)

snow tubing! snow tubing!

and guess who else loved the snow…sonoma or her new knickname snowoma!

sonoma loved the snow!

rainy day fund

rainy day fund
what better way to spend the first rainy day, than sorting, counting and rolling  7+ years worth of change.  any guess as to how much was in there?  we all took a guesstimate before we started counting.  john : $400, dylan: $500, owen: $682 and me: $700  we were all wrong and under the actual amount. my favorite part of the day was uncle michael’s conversation with dylan, who clearly likes money.

uncle michael: “dylan. scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you? 10 being the best”

dylan: “10 isn’t the best”

uncle michael: “uh okay. scale of 1 dollar to 10 dollars, how happy are you?”

dylan: “oh, 10!”

mo money, mo money

dylan’s new smile

dylan's new smile

back in april, dylan’s mouth collided with tessa’s head, it knocked one of his front tooth loose but i didn’t think much of it.  i was surprised to find out at his check up in august that it was fractured and infected.  it had to come out.

yesterday, dylan had his tooth pulled out. he did great during the whole procedure except right at the end, he threw up!  we’re not sure what set it off, could have been the pain killers (although he’s never had that reaction before), his gag reflex or just plain nerves.  but the kid puked everywhere.  i wasn’t in the room but the dentist said it was the most she’s ever seen come out of a child, it was adult sized.  i’m just imagining a huge projectile puke, it must have went up and then back down because his hair was caked in it as well as his shirt.  so when he came out and running to me of course i picked him up but i SO DID NOT WANT TO.  he didn’t cry once.  i’m super proud of him.

tooth fairy first visit

more excitingly… the toothfairy came and she brought golden dollar coins and a teeny tiny note!  dylan did not let go of those coins all day yesterday.


camp owen!

okay maybe i went a little over board with owen’s 7th birthday party at a campground, but owen and his friends had a great time.  it was crazy sometimes but all was good.  it will certainly be memorable.

camp owen! camp owen!

camp owen! camp owen!

camp owen!

camp owen! camp owen!

tent bedtime story

first place!

owen's lego jeep

owen's lego jeep owen's lego jeep owen's lego jeep owen's lego jeep

owen won first place!  i’m so proud of him and feel super guilty for doubting him.  when we heard about the school’s lego competition, they had several categories; food item, building, vehicles, most creative, etc.. i encouraged him to build something “different” something there wouldn’t be so many entries for.  but in the end he really wanted to build a jeep and it was for him to do alone.  he did a great job and i feel so guilty for doubting his ability.  he built it 100% on his own and the more i look at it i see there is a lot of detail in it.  like the step on the driver side, the negative space used, color selection and placement.  so proud of owen, he’s got some of his mama’s creativity in him.

puppy love

puppy love

this is sarah, dylan’s girlfriend. about three weeks ago dylan’s teachers told me that dylan and sarah need to have a playdate.  it’s been reported that dylan gets sarah’s lunch and jacket for her, they eat lunch together, hold hands and he saves a spot in line for her.  this was news to me, i had never even heard of sarah.  i asked dylan “what do you and sarah like to play?”  he told me, she is a superhero and he is her puppy.  which i’m sure will be a trend for most of his dating life, but as long as they are both happy with the arrangement.

long story short, sarah is in the hospital for an aggressive infection that started with a cut between her middle and ring finger, she needs to stay there for about a week.  we visited her yesterday and dylan brought her a stuffed puppy (very appropriate) but when he gave sarah the puppy this was their conversation.

dylan: “hi sarah! i brought you a puppy, but it has my germs on it.”

sarah: “what do you mean?”

dylan: “well, i touched it.”

sarah: “oh, that’s okay.  that doesn’t matter”

he was so concerned about sarah’s infection coming from bad germs, he was trying to be really thoughtful.  i think he really does care for her.  but don’t you dare ask about it, he get ‘s so mad and basically screams and grunts at you.

during our visit with sarah, i was talking to her mom while they watched alladin.  i turned around at the very moment dylan went to hold sarah’s good hand.  oh man, he pretty much screamed at me “what?!”

the girls next door

the girls next doorthe girls next door

exciting news… our new neighbors moved in and they’ve got kids!   the kids have been running back and forth between the two houses everyday since saturday.  chole is 5 1/2 and tessa is 4 we are happy to have new friends right next door.