owen and dylan’s room

owen and dylan's room

it’s finished!  owen and dylan have been successfully sleeping in the same room for a few weeks now.  it has worked out better than planned.  dylan used to go to bed about an hour after owen but now he wants to go to bed when owen does, talk about two birds one stone, awesome!  everyone brushes their teeth together, read some books together and in bed,  tuck, tuck, kiss, kiss, night, night.  sweet!   added bonus… owen helps dylan in the morning getting his milk etc.  and they entertain each other until we come upstairs.owen and dylan's room

the clubhouse owen and dylan's room

owen and dylan's room

oh yeah back to the “room”.  i switched out the smaller dresser for two huge dressers since i gave up the closet for their “club house”.  owen really likes to show off the “club house” to everyone that comes over.  makes me feel good.  ikea hacked a desk between the two beds.  i married an ikea lack coffee table we had with a vika desktop we had, cut them down to size, attached an aluminum L channel across the back and secured the table top to the wall.  i converted dylan’s crib in to a toddler bed by using two ikea vikare guard rails with two 10″ steel L brackets instead of shelling out an extra $240 for the crib’s conversion kit and made him a mini version of owen’s head/side board. a total budget makeover but i’m really happy with it as are the boys which is what really counts.


  1. Lise says:

    Beautiful room. Where did you get the window shades and how did you make that tree (I saw it in the previous post where you featured on ohdeedoh)?

  2. carolyn says:

    Oh how cute the room looks, you are soooo talented. It really suits them.

    Good Job Kara…..

    Love you all

  3. lola says:


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  6. Faye says:

    Great job on the makeover. I LOVE the table; you did an awesome job on that idea!!! I would love to have it in my home daycare.

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